Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Cool Doctor... still no answers

So my Dr. (who is fabulous as she is an internist who diagnosed me with Sjogren's 5 years ago) called me yesterday to tell me she received the reports from my latest trip to Seattle. Guess what!!! They show I am completely normal (other than RA and Sjogrens).

So my wonderful Dr says "You know I hate just treating pain without knowing the cause, but we need to help you!" Isn't she great!!! Then she continues to tell me she has no idea what is wrong but she feels in her gut that it is neuro based, so after a week of Prendisone we will start some neuro meds. She admitted we will be doing some hit and miss... and that she is guessing. But she wants to do something.

The leg pain is to the point where I break into a sweat walking to and from the bathroom at work. The pain happens every time I put weight on my right leg, it is a shooting pain that originates just below the knee on the side and travels to my toes and up to my hip.

Anyway, it is hard knowing she is guessing, but I am glad we are trying something.

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