Monday, September 24, 2007

I Survived!!!

Okay so I went with my cheer squad to Sitka this weekend... and I survived!!! We had to be at the dock at 4:30am, board the catamaran, and off we went on a 5 1/2 hour trip to Sitka. About 55 football players and 20 cheerleaders... and not enough adults!

Once we arrived in Sitka we dropped our gear at the middle school and headed to McDonalds for lunch. The girls had fun and Hannah was FABULOUS! After that we headed back to the school to practice before our game. That lasted 10 minutes because the boys were near by... So off to watch the senior game.

On the way was a playground. I think the girls had more fun than Hannah did. We watched our Senior team get beat and prepared for our game. The sun was out and the weather perfect. Our team won 30-14. TIME TO PARTY. Back to the school to change and head out for pizza! All of the girls (senior and jr. cheerleaders) went for pizza and pasta.

Once back at the gym the kids got to go swimming... yes this was an attempt to tired them out as the adults with were exhausted. Hannah and another little mascot did not swim, they got to watch movies (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & a Barbie movie). Finally about 11:45pm the lights went off.

At 6:45am we were up and moving again as we had to get the kids repacked at back to the boat by 8am. Hannah crashed about 10 minutes into the boat ride home an slept for 3.5 hours of the 5.5 hour trip.

I am glad I am home... and I was so happy for my bed!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Elizabeth and Michael Perry 9-15-2007

My baby sister is married! It was a beautiful day that was busy from 6am until 10pm. We woke up to finish the house set up and get some of the food ready. The wedding was beautiful with a few glitches and surprises. The best surprise was when Mac (my mom's hubby) renewed their vows, having completely surprised my mom. Anyway, I will write more about everything later I just wanted to get some pictures up.

I miss JT and Hannah bunches... oh yeah and Joe!!!
Clock wise from top left: Getting married (Terry - best man, Mike - groom, Liz - bride, Robin - maid of honor, and Lisa - minister). Saying Vows (Mike & Liz). Cake (Liz and Mike). Finally sitting (Mike and Liz).

Re-Saying Vows (Mac & Mom(Pam)). Happy Couples (Mike & Liz - Pam & Scott/Mac)

The gangs all here - Katie, Pam, & Me. We are on strike - Me and Katie.
Molly Dog!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What a surprise!!! Viva Las Vegas

So I made it to Pahrump last night at 11:30pm!!! Mom was very suprised that I called that late and asked "Mom, you have any food I am hungry and pulling into the drive way"... I could hear the screming in the airconditioned car. Needless to say the surprise was a success. My mom said she thought I might be coming as I had dropped some clues - Whoops.

Anyway I will update with photos through the weekend.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Okay so I am behind in my blogging!!!

The first day of school has come and gone, this is the start of the 3 week. JT is in 3rd grade and loving his teacher. He has more homework than the past few years so we hear more "but Mom" around the house. I have been able to rearrange my schedule so I am now home when the kids get home... it is great!

Hannah on the other hand is wanting more homework!!! She is in the 1st grade and is bummed that the boys won't play at recess anymore... something about cooties.

Both kids have been very busy this summer, with outdoor soccer. Hannah has started another year of Cheerleading and JT will be playing indoor soccer this year. Hannah and JT are both signed up for Scouts too. I am coaching Cheer this year and it is a lot of fun. I am trying to get out of being the Girl Scout Leader this year as I do want to see Joe sometimes.

Okay I think I have caught up...

Celebration of Life

My closest friends dad passed away last Thursday after a 6 year battle with breast cancer. Her dad and mom have been a strong influence on my choices and life here in Juneau. Also, Stan made me believe that even when your body was failing you can still have happiness and a smile on your face. To find the humor when you can, and to cry when you need to.

I was lucky enough to visit often and even play in Seattle with Stan and Carol, Em and I having to buy lunch so "Dad" would pay for dinner at the Melting Pot.

The power of our Heavenly Father in amazing. I had not seen Emily in about two weeks and last Thursday I offered to have her come to the end of Cheer practice (will blog more on that later). Em and the kids met Hannah and I at the park and we played and talked for about a half hour. While putting the kids in the car Em's phone rang. It was her Mom saying to head over now. We moved her kids to my car and Em left. Her Dad passed away that night.

It is hard to know what to do for a friend and her mom in a time like this... I have just been there and helped where I could. There have been happy and sad tears and I am sure there will be more.

Below is the Obituary for Stan... I loved him ... and he will be missed.

Stan died August 30th after a 6 year courageous battle with breast cancer. He was born in 1948, in Juneau, and except for college and 4 years of teaching in Yakutat, he spent his life in Juneau.

Stan met and married his wife of 39 years, Carol, in Bellingham, WA. Dad will be missed by daughter and son-in-law Emily and Scott Fergusson and son Paul Burrows, all of Juneau. “Gampa” will be missed by Katie and Luke. He enjoyed spending time with family either at home or traveling. He is proceeded in death by father Roland Burrows. He is survived by his mother Jewel Beach (Lacey, WA) and step-mother Helen Burrows (Seaside, OR), brother Doug and Christy Burrows (Vancouver, WA), step-brother David and Judy Hoppe, step-sister Anita and Owen Taylor.

Stan was active at Chapel by the Lake. He was in lay minister training and enjoyed sharing his relationship with God. He helped churches in Yakutat and the chapel sanctuary. He taught Bethel Bible classes and was a Stevens minister. He served numerous terms as an elder. He was one of the first smiling faces visitors met. He always had a kind word, hand-shake, or hug for those he knew.

Stan sang with a bright tenor voice in church choir, mens quartets, and with Lyric Opera. He was happiest when sharing his gift of music with others.

Stan worked for the Department of Labor for 30+ years and after retirement, drove school bus. Always sending the kids off to school with a smile and telling them to “have a great day”.

A celebration of life service will be held at Chapel by the Lake Friday, September 7th at 4:00.

Donations can be made to either Chapel by the Lake or Hospice of Juneau