Friday, April 13, 2007

All Moms Go To Heaven

Fun little contest about the 10 reasons All Moms go to Heaven:

10. Will stay up until 4 am sewing the jewels back on the princess dress so that baby girl can wear it for the 4000th time.

9. Will come home from work, stop a fight, clean a room, get kids dinner, help with baths, get kids into bed, and then realize that she still has her coat on.

8. Will comfort 6 year old when older brother won't play with her.

7. Will comfort 8 year old when little sister won't play with him.

6. Will attempt to keep kids quiet on the weekend to let Dad sleep in...just a bit.

5. Will do the majority of the driving to ballet, sports, scouts and church activities, not because Dad won't, but because Mom wants to be involved.

4. Will not often say "no." - Sure she can: make 2 dozen cookies, sew 4 cheer leading outfits, make new dress, build castle, build fort, and be PTO president (for a year).

3. Will cry when baby goes to kindergarten...also cries when kindergarten is out for summer.

2. Will take 1000's of pictures, 100's in focus, and scrapbook in that 20 spare minutes once every 3 years.

The #1 reason:

1. Will love unconditionally forever, even when lied too (she knew), watching babies make mistakes (but doesn't step in so they learn), will let you date "that" boy (then hold you when it is over and you need to cry), and she will always be there loving.

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