Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Concert of the Year

The MRCS school winter concert was on December 5th. This concert was the first concert for the new music teacher - Mr. Maas (our good friend) and was for the K - 3rd grade class. Hannah's class sang was called "Winter's Gift" it was fabulous (not just as a mom). Then the whole group sang Video Killed the Radio Star. It was so AWESOME! Here are some pictures of Hannah and Mr. Maas. Also, I tried to add a video of "Pull Shapes."


Well this Thanksgiving was a crazy time at the Nell household. The weekend prior to turkey day the kids had the flu, then Monday uncle Greg got the flu, then on Wednesday Dad got it. The kids (now healthy) and I went to stay at a hotel.

The next morning after swimming and eating breakfast we went over to Auntie Cathy's house. The kids favorite was the marshmallows on the yams... not the yams ... just the marshmallows.

We stayed for a few hours and then headed home to see if Dad was better.

Everyone is better now and we are all thankful for a great year.

Wow, how does time fly...

Okay, here is what I have been up to since the last post. It has been a busy month and the holidays are CRAZY!!!

In November I was offered a new job at Juneau Urgent and Family Care as the Clinic Administrator (fancy name for office manager). I started working part time on November 27th in the evenings learning the way the new office works. So while working at Legislative Audit I worked at the new job - man I am so not a a two job kind of gal.

My first full day at the new clinic was December 10th. I miss my old job, but I am sure this is a good move for me.