Monday, June 16, 2008

The last week

Hannah had girl scout camp all week - They worked on a fish badge... leaning about fish all week, even making a fly and ending with a trip to a local lake fishing (both regular and fly fishing). JT got to come with the last day and had his hand at fishing (Note to all concerned - there were no hooks so everyone was safe). We were lucky that camp was at Chapel by the Lake so it was close to Dad's work and had a playground.

The kids had their first swimming lessons for summer. Goal is to learn to swim before our trip in the fall.

We also went to Katie's 5th Birthday party - YES 5th!! AAHHH ... took some fun pictures - yes Hannah is reading instead of playing... :)

I had a job interview at UAS last week, and a follow-up interview today. I think it went well, and I will hear next Monday. Also, I have started filling in at Leg. Audit for the next few weeks. I LOVE IT. Yes I know - I lasted a whole 2 weeks home with the kids, but we have had fun and they have "Rules" about if mom gets a new job.

  1. Mom must be home by dinner - or have a note from her boss.
  2. Weekends are for kids.
  3. ... and the most important JT explaining to Hannah "if mom gets a new job then when we go to the store we can get our "wants" like big toys AND our "needs" like little toys.
Good to have guidelines.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer is here... and I am home.

Well to catch up, since I have not been posting:
  • Hannah turned 7

  • JT turned 9
  • Cathy & Brit moved back to Ketchikan
  • Hannah had a dance recital

  • I quit my job and for now am home with the kids.
  • And JT got a mohawk....

Okay so I think that sums up what has happened so far. I will hopefully be updating a lot more frequently.