Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cooking part 2

So the second Sunday we made "Oeufe Brouilles" (scrambled eggs). Hannah thought she should smell her cooking and then didn't like it... Funny! JT made dessert tonight and it was great - JELLO (not Julia - but great).

Our chef and clean up crew.

Looks great huh?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mastering the art of French ... Patience

Hannah and I saw the movie "Julie/Julia" last week and now Hannah wants to cook. We bought the book featured in the movie "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child. Today we cooked our first dishes from the BOOK. The first is the very first recipe - Potage Parmentier (Leek & Potato Soup) and for dessert - Peches Cardinal (Compote of Fresh Peaches with Raspberry Puree). Hannah did most of the work... it was good. The little chef didn't like the soup - but the rest of us loved it.

Finishing touches.

Finished dinner... and the clean up crew.

Prepping the dessert.

Peaches draining.

Drizzling the puree.

Finished dessert.

The happy chef.

Random House picts

We love to put Hannah's hair into curlers. So here are picts of the last time. Also, there is a picts of the puppy in front of the fireplace.

More Cheer Picts

Just another practice at Glacier Valley... Katie came to visit and
was able to cheer with the squad.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pink Monkeys ROCK

The Pink Monkeys WIN!!! This year for the Adult/Youth bowling league the Pink Monkeys (Greg, JT, Hannah, and me) brought it. JT's average went from 40 last year to 70's. Hannah's went from the teens to the 40's. I will not mention Greg's or mine - let's just say JT tied with me twice this year... AAAAHHHHH.

Our team won this season (thanks to those kids). At today's party we found out that there was trophies... so now the question is where to keep them!

JT and Hannah

The trophy pile.

JT's style

Hannah's great form.

Our winnings - Hannah also got one for highest something...

Our fireplace is too small!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hawkeyes Cheer 9-4-09

The Hawkeyes (Hannah's cheer squad) were invited to cheer at the Thunder Mountain High School's very first football game. It was FABULOUS. The girls practiced hard and they did great. Here are some of the picts!

The girls waiting for their turn.

"Hey, Hey You"

First Stunt & Waiting for the next cheer.

"Hey Cheerleaders"

More "Hey Cheerleaders"

Shake those pom poms - Getting ready for last stunt.

Final Stunt - Popping and a 1/2