Friday, April 6, 2007


I found a site that puts fun meaning to names... I did the whole family... you should do yours!

What Melissa Means
M is for Musical
E is for Explosive
L is for Likeable
I is for Innocent
S is for Spontaneous
S is for Sweet
A is for Astounding

What Joseph Means
J is for Joyful
O is for Organic
S is for Spiritual
E is for Enthusiastic
P is for Pesky
H is for Honest

What Jonathan Means
J is for Jolly
O is for Outgoing
N is for Normal
A is for Adventurous
T is for Talented
H is for Humorous
A is for Adventurous
N is for Normal

What Hannah Means
H is for Hardworking
A is for Athletic
N is for Nice
N is for Nutty
A is for Adventurous
H is for Humorous

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Bebe said...

Beautiful family, although that kid with Jonathan is rather strange looking.(!)
My Niece just completed 365 photos and now she wants to pursue photography full time!
You can also post your photo on
Self-portraits are very difficult to take! BB