Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cruise 2008 day3

Well we all slept in. We all woke up about 9am... after the breakfast. So off to that fun eatery Dennys - YES I am getting fed up with it (pun intended).
We went for another walk and then vegged out reading and more home work. When Dad got here we went to the pool. Still really cold and they kids swam for about 10 minutes.
Grandma and Grandpa arrived at about 4pm. It was Great. The kids had fun. We headed almost immediately to Medieval Times. What a blast!!!! I will post some here and more at later. I am so glad we went. The food was great and we had fun... after each event the knights would throw flowers into the audience. Hannah wanted one so bad!!! Well at the end of the events the Princess ties "favors" to the end of the knights lances. Then they went to their cheer section (Ours was the Yellow Knight). And sure enough he handed to Hannah.

This was a great alternative to trick or treating.

Anyway more later!!!

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LD said...

For sure you guys had a wonderful time. This is LD from the Philippines saying Hello!