Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cruise 2008 - Day 2

So day 1 & 2 sort of blended together with the overnight flight. We arrived safely, however if I have one issue so far it is that the temperature was 46 degrees when we got off the plan in Florida.

We headed to the hotel and checked right in. We brought our bags up and then went down to the continental breakfast. I have to say this is one of the best I have seen at a hotel. After breakfast we went to the room and I fell asleep. For 3 hours the kids played quietly and did homework while their aging mother slept.

When I got up they were going a bit stir crazy so we went for a walk. Scoped out the eateries near and then had lunch at Dennys. We went back to the hotel and the kids wanted to swim. Did I mention the temperature? So in they went, JT commented that it was the same temp as the cold pool in Juneau. After they turned blue we went up for a nap for mom and cartoons for them.

Joe showed up at about 6pm and the kids wanted to show him the best place to eat... yup back to Dennys. By the end of dinner the travel and lack of sleep was catching the kids. We headed back to the hotel. They needed to do some more homework (they have huge packets). Joe set up his computer - nothing new... Hannah fell asleep mid math problem. JT is finishing up a game of Spore on my iPod, and I am writing this.

I should get Day 3 posted before we get on the cruise ship. Not sure how often it will be updated on the ship.

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