Monday, November 10, 2008

Cruise 2008 - Day 4 - To Port Canaveral

Today I woke the kids and Joe up at 8:30 so we could get some breakfast before the continental breakfast closed. We were not in a hurry as Carnival Cruise Lines called with an automated message last night stating that due to a medical emergency we shouldn’t show up to the pier until 5:30pm. So we talked with the front desk and worked out a shuttle to the pier and we arranged a late check out. We went and talked with Grandma and Grandpa around 10:30am and decided to go for a walk. I think the kids and I slowed them down. We walked along a nice path (forgot the camera so no pictures).
After the walk we agreed to meet at 2pm to check out and then head to a late lunch. Guess where JT and Hannah wanted to go eat?? Yup, Denny’s. The waitress knew what the kids wanted to eat and drink so we had fun. We wasted about 1 hour at lunch then took a walk on the way back to the hotel. We stayed in the lobby for about 45 minutes. Then the shuttle arrived.
The drive to the pier was quicker than I remembered. But right now we are waiting in a parking lot with about 1000 other people until they let us drive up to the terminal. Right now it is 6:15pm. I figure the more we are patient the more fun we will have right. Can’t let a set back bum us out.
I will write more later...
Okay, the fun continued for another 3 hours. From the time we arrived in the terminal until the time we got on the boat was only about 45 minutes. Considering they had just off-loaded 3000 guests and the loaded 3000 more it went very smoothly. We finally got on board and checked out our rooms and went to dinner. People were complaining left and right. Our take on it was “Who cares were are here now.” The food was great! Shrimp cocktail for me and some beef. Desert was Crème Brulee. The kids had pizza and a cheeseburger with ice cream of course.
After dinner Dad and Sue Ellen went to bed with plans for meeting up in the morning. We all went wondering. We got ice cream for the kids and then headed towards our room. On the way we stopped by Camp Carnival to get them registered and check out the facility. The rooms for the kids were huge - with candy machines, Lego’s, computers, play stations, wii’s and so many toys.
When we got to our room we checked everything out. Joe and I shared the king sized bed and the kids had twin sized bunk beds. The bathroom had only a shower to the kids were a bit bummed at that. Our bags were there so we unpacked and then went to bed.

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