Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 4 - Cruise 2008 - Day at Sea (#1)

One of my favorite part of cruises are the Sea days. All this means is you are in a floating hotel for the entire day. They have activities planned and game for adults. We started our day with breakfast in our room (there was a card that we could fill out the night before and set a time for delivery - we did this all but one night).

The kids were excited to head to Camp Carnival. So off we went. We checked them in upstairs - so every time we brought them or picked them up we had to show our room card. Hannah was in the 6-8 age group, and JT in the 9-11 group. For the younger group the kids can only be dropped off and picked up by a parent or guardian. We could’ve set it up for Grandma and Grandpa to pick up but there wasn’t the need. Now for the 9-11 when you register them you mark if you want them to be able to check themselves in and out. We decided that JT wasn’t ready for that responsibility yet - or I wasn’t ready for him to have that ability. This decision was revoked later in the cruise, but I will write about that later.
After dropping the munchkins off - we set out to explore. We picked up Dad and Sue Ellen and checked out the ship. Now for some facts about the Glory… The Glory has over 2000 rooms, and 6 dinning areas - over 15 bars, a casino, 4 pools, a water slide, a huge theatre, shops, a spa, gym facility, out door running track, mini golf course, and a basket ball court.
We went and walked on the track then split up again. Dad went back to bed, Sue Ellen was going to rest and Joe & I were walking around. I found I wanted to be always doing something… it was hard to slow down. Just before noon every day we had to pick up the kids for lunch. Since they were different age groups they were almost always in different parts of the ship.
Hannah had a blast at the first part of camp, JT however did not. I think it is hard for kids that age to make friends and be nice right away. We did talk him into going back after lunch and he had fun the rest of the week.
For lunch we ate at the Red Sail restaurant. This is the buffet that you hear about… FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! There is also a deli for custom made sandwiches, an oriental food station - with everything from sushi to sweat and sour calamari, a grill for burgers & hot dog, and of course the 24 hour pizza parlor and ice cream machines.
I don’t remember what we ate that day… I am sure it was a lot.
With the kids back at camp - I went out and dozed on a deck chair. It was overcast and misting from time to time so I had my choice of chairs… for someone who just left rain record breaking Juneau - 85 degrees with a fine mist is AWESOME! There is always music playing so the time went quickly.
Dad, Sue Ellen and I went to a murder mystery. Though out the cruise we had to figure out who the killer was. It is fun. There were cryptograms in our daily newsletters, and you could get clues from staff. It was all very SUSPICIOUS.
Just like picking up the kids before lunch we pick them up for an hour before dinner. This gives them time to change (if needed) and rest or just fill us in on what they have been doing. For Hannah it was time to brush her hair and wash off face paint. For JT it was time to cool off from running around. For the camp - they got to eat with their friends every night if they wanted. So at 6pm we checked them in and they got to choose from a kids menu with the food delivered in under 5 minutes (usually before we finished singing them in). From that point we don’t have to pick them up until 10pm… and one night even later.
This was the first formal night so Dad and Joe headed to the Red Sail for food and Sue Ellen and I dressed up and had dinner together. We had a great table on an end with a good view out the windows and a view of other tables. Our server for the whole week was “S” from Indonesia. “S” was short for Senaria, and she was a riot. The dinning room was loud, which made conversation with Dad and Joe fun… I will admit right now that I had shrimp cocktail every night! The dinners are set up so when you come in you are given bread and water or iced tea. As soon as the whole party is there, the server hands out menus and talks you through the items if you would like. The menu is 2-pages first side is “Starters” and the other is “Main Course.” Both sections have chef’s recommendations and Carnival Classics. One thing I will tell any of you wanting to cruise - Yes you can have more than one of anything. After the first night I always ordered 2 starters to try something new and have my shrimp. After you have had your starter and main course they bring a desert menu. One sheet of ultimate goodness. The first night Joe had a chocolate melting cake - so this night I tried one, think brownie outside with warm chocolate pudding/sauce inside. It was something I had a few more times through out the cruise.
It was nice to get to know Sue Ellen better. We talked about Dad, the river, Joe, the kids, the dogs, and everything else in between. I have known her for over 15 years and this is the most we have talked at length. Joe and Dad had a good time too, I think they said that they both had 2 deserts and stuck to the Ordner buffet rule - no salads.
After dinner Sue Ellen and I went to a show which was great. The music was out standing and the dancers beautiful. The kids club brought the kids to this show and they had fund too. After the show I picked the kids up and we went to bed.

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