Friday, November 9, 2007

Seattle Day #2

After a good night sleep we headed to the Expo. What can I say to explain what it is like to be surrounded by hundreds of women. INSANE!!!

Plus none of them are as smart as we are. First off we planned on getting there early to get a great parking spot (which was AWESOME). Then we headed up into line for the first class. While waiting we spotted this... we think it was for the construction site but with this many women who knows...

We stood, sat and laughed in line a lot though out the weekend. One thing we talked about was other peoples inability to recognize that 1-there was a line, and 2 - they should go to the end of it. Here is a picture of our first line Em is in her pink coat. Please note that the line starts at room 406 and heads down then wraps back around.

In this next picture we decided that we needed to make a scrapbook page about the things we don't like about Expos... maybe even a Mock-u-mentory if we could get Arlo to help. The women in blue by the door walked up looked at the line and then stood by the door. Sad thing is she did get to go in before everyone else. The other picture is Jeri in that line... big classes.

The classes were great we had fun and took challenges from the instructor as we could. If the instructor said "Most classes only get 3 pages done" we would bust out 10. If the instructor said "We will not have enough time to finish this project" we would finish it. It was a blast... I tried to get pictures of us in each class, along with a picture of the class. The last pict is of a finished project from one of the classes.

After a full day of classes we headed to the Mall to pick up a slip to wear with our fancy dresses to a Fifth Ave Theatre play Into the Woods. At the mall we found out that JCPenny's does not carry slips anymore and most other stores don't either. Em found a new beautiful dress, and we bought cloaks. Then off to dinner and a show:

After the play we headed back to the Hotel (navigating at my best). We decided to hang out in Jeri and Mona's room and have desert delivered at mid-night... what a great end to day two.

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