Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 3 Seattle

Day three started out with the ever brilliant Em saying we should drive the car to the convention center to get a SUPER parking spot. So at 7:30 we headed out and caught the hotel shuttle as it brought the first of the expo attendees. We then went to the hotel restaurant to get breakfast. They offered us the buffet and though it looks fabulous, we declined the $18 a plate price, for a more thrifty eggs and toast. We then went to meet up with Jeri for our first class of the day (riding the shuttle with about 30 other people in a 15 person shuttle).
We had a full day of lines and classes. I think my favorite class was our last one by SEI. We put together an entire album. But the best part is Em & I ran down to their booth after the class and signed up for an every-other month club. basically they send us enough to do 8-10 scrapbook pages. Plus the class we took had an awesome instructor. Mona also was the one lucky one and won not only a door prize in one of her classes, but won a Creating Keepsakes door prize as well.
-----------------Us in line ----------------- the cutters again -----------Em hard at work
----------------------Examples ------------ Cool instructor -----------Happy Jeri
Winning time 2:30 ------------Dancing Mona
So I have to tell you about the picture below... you all know I was getting a picture of one or all of us in each class. However this one was done with extra people in it... if you look close you can tell that these two women are not participating. They didn't do any of the exercises or any pages, just sat there and watched, listened and took some notes... WEIRD!

After the day of classes we all sort of split up. Jeri and Mona met up with Stephanie for some Indian cuisine, and Em, Carol and I headed for comfort food - The Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, everyone and their mother thought that would be a good idea. We gave our name and were told to come back in an hour to get a pager and the total wait would be about 75 minutes. Bah to that... off to Red Robin and a 15 minute wait time... and good food and a cute waiter with a Mohawk!

When we got back to the hotel we got into our jammies, put on Harry Potter, and took out some of our projects from the conference to work on. Two things happened, first, we realized how tired we were and, second, we found that at this hotel you can pause and resume a movie the next day.

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