Monday, September 24, 2007

I Survived!!!

Okay so I went with my cheer squad to Sitka this weekend... and I survived!!! We had to be at the dock at 4:30am, board the catamaran, and off we went on a 5 1/2 hour trip to Sitka. About 55 football players and 20 cheerleaders... and not enough adults!

Once we arrived in Sitka we dropped our gear at the middle school and headed to McDonalds for lunch. The girls had fun and Hannah was FABULOUS! After that we headed back to the school to practice before our game. That lasted 10 minutes because the boys were near by... So off to watch the senior game.

On the way was a playground. I think the girls had more fun than Hannah did. We watched our Senior team get beat and prepared for our game. The sun was out and the weather perfect. Our team won 30-14. TIME TO PARTY. Back to the school to change and head out for pizza! All of the girls (senior and jr. cheerleaders) went for pizza and pasta.

Once back at the gym the kids got to go swimming... yes this was an attempt to tired them out as the adults with were exhausted. Hannah and another little mascot did not swim, they got to watch movies (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & a Barbie movie). Finally about 11:45pm the lights went off.

At 6:45am we were up and moving again as we had to get the kids repacked at back to the boat by 8am. Hannah crashed about 10 minutes into the boat ride home an slept for 3.5 hours of the 5.5 hour trip.

I am glad I am home... and I was so happy for my bed!

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