Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Okay so I am behind in my blogging!!!

The first day of school has come and gone, this is the start of the 3 week. JT is in 3rd grade and loving his teacher. He has more homework than the past few years so we hear more "but Mom" around the house. I have been able to rearrange my schedule so I am now home when the kids get home... it is great!

Hannah on the other hand is wanting more homework!!! She is in the 1st grade and is bummed that the boys won't play at recess anymore... something about cooties.

Both kids have been very busy this summer, with outdoor soccer. Hannah has started another year of Cheerleading and JT will be playing indoor soccer this year. Hannah and JT are both signed up for Scouts too. I am coaching Cheer this year and it is a lot of fun. I am trying to get out of being the Girl Scout Leader this year as I do want to see Joe sometimes.

Okay I think I have caught up...

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