Sunday, September 16, 2007

Elizabeth and Michael Perry 9-15-2007

My baby sister is married! It was a beautiful day that was busy from 6am until 10pm. We woke up to finish the house set up and get some of the food ready. The wedding was beautiful with a few glitches and surprises. The best surprise was when Mac (my mom's hubby) renewed their vows, having completely surprised my mom. Anyway, I will write more about everything later I just wanted to get some pictures up.

I miss JT and Hannah bunches... oh yeah and Joe!!!
Clock wise from top left: Getting married (Terry - best man, Mike - groom, Liz - bride, Robin - maid of honor, and Lisa - minister). Saying Vows (Mike & Liz). Cake (Liz and Mike). Finally sitting (Mike and Liz).

Re-Saying Vows (Mac & Mom(Pam)). Happy Couples (Mike & Liz - Pam & Scott/Mac)

The gangs all here - Katie, Pam, & Me. We are on strike - Me and Katie.
Molly Dog!!!

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