Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ketchikan 8+100

WOW! What a fun time we had in Ketchikan. 36 hours on the Ferry, getting in at 3am that first night. FUN! Jonathans baptism was … more that I can put in words. Everything was perfect… I asked JT if it was all he thought it would be, he said “No, it was so much more. I can’t wait until I am 12 and can get baptized in the Temple for other people.” How cool is my little boy?

JT’s baptism started the parade of cakes, we had a great cake after his baptism. Then the next morning we went to Great-Grandma’s church and had cake after, then to Ward Lake for a pre-birthday picnic with 3 more cakes. Monday, after eating leftover cake, we went to the formal birthday party. Great-Gram looked GREAT, 100 years and going strong. There were so many more cakes, and of course we ended up taking extras home. I think I ate cake everyday of the trip.
We got to hang out with all of the family. We met Miriam my new niece. Her and JT had several bonding moments… He loves her lots. There were so many cousins that I had no idea who most of them were… I just knew they were related. After a week we headed home on the ferry, only 24 hours this time. And that included circling in Auke Bay for at least an hour. I am glad the kids got to spend time with Great-Gram, and Grandma, and all the cousins.

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