Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One step closer

We think we have an answer to my leg pain. For those of you following the Medical Marvel named Mel, we last left off with tons of tests and all normal results. Quite frustrating, I can tell you!! My Dr. sent me to a new Dr., another orthopedic guy, he ordered an MRI of my hip. Today sitting in his office we looked at the MRI films. Hip = normal (good thing). But, there is a 3.5cm cyst on my right ovary. When I asked him if that could be causing my leg pain (yes I know the leg is not connected to the ovary), he said... "It might" and he called the radiologist. They decided after looking at the MRI the YES it could be causing the pain as it is large enough to be pushing against some nerves.

So, the next step is to have an Ultrasound of the cyst, and see what we are dealing with... it is an answer, not to sure if it is a good one. Most (80%) cysts are not harmful, worst case is they have to cut it out. Of that other 20%... I am not crossing that bridge unless I have to.

Thanks to everyone for being supportive... and hopefully I can go back to normal me... what was normal again?

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