Monday, July 16, 2007

Two steps back...

Okay so the good news is the cyst is gone. Bad news… It wasn’t what was causing my leg pain. We arrived in Seattle on Sunday, July 8th and checked into the hotel. With my first appointment at 1:30pm Monday we went and have dinner(IHOP) and a movie (Transformers) before heading to bed. Monday we went to see the Gynecologist (Dr. Tipton). She was very nice and told me the three options that would occur during surgery. Once inside my tummy she would: do nothing if everything looked okay, take the cyst out if needed, take the cyst and ovary out. She was very straight forward and, when she said that if she were me these are the steps she would take, I felt confident in my choice to see her. Surgery was scheduled for 8am the next morning.

Tuesday, Dr. Tipton went in and looked around. The cyst that had been 3cm x 3.5cm x 3.98cm had shrunk or blown-up into nothingness. She took pictures and checked all my internal girl parts before she bailed out. I am glad that the cyst has resolved itself, however I am disappointed that the leg pain is still a mystery. Now I wait and see my Dr. up here and see what step is next.

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