Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time to catch up before I fall behind...

Okay so the summer has been busy. We went to Ketchikan for July 4th, and camped in Joe's moms yard. Great-Grandma is 101 and just moved into the Pioneer home. She came out and had hot dogs over the campfire with us.

Then JT and I went to Seattle, I had an appointment and JT needed glasses so off we went. Aunty Cathy met us there and we got to see an ultra sound of the newest Brown (aka Charlie).

The kids has been busy with Soccer camp and swimming lessons. Now they get ready for school that starts on Tuesday, September 2nd. I am also taking some accounting classes at UAS this fall. I am working at Legislative Audit again and loving it.

Anyway before the fall gets away from me... we are going on a cruise in November! Yeah us!! Hopefully I will write before then.