Thursday, May 10, 2007

When Normal Hurts

So, after lots of tests to figure out what is wrong with my leg. All the test say the same thing... results ... drum roll please... NORMAL. Now, one must ask why does my leg hurt if all the test results are normal? I am normal - no Divas can answer that ;-)

Where do I go now? Crazy? If I am not already there... Dr. S has prescribed me some meds to try that might help. We should know in the next 2-4 weeks I guess. It all comes back too, how can I look so good and feel so bad? Hee hee.

On a positive note JT is taking an interest in blogging (hmm is that a word)... so here is a picture of him just after he finished his second entry last night.


Pam said...

Don't give up...Pain is Pain. It is real..and I truely know that.

Living in a world of pain 24/7 is so unfair.

Remember I am always here for you, I understand totally what living with pain 24/7 is.

But as far as you being crazy, I refuse to answer that...LOL.

I love the wonder person you turn out to be...a good wife, daughter, sister, and especially a wonderful MOM.

I love you...and keep your faith.


Katie A said...

Hey Mis,
You being crazy is one of the things I love about ya! hehe. Hang in there hopefully the meds will work and you can be pain free. Or at least better than you are now.

Happy Mothers day early to a great friend and great mom! :)